Public assessment analysis of sustainable tourism development in Albena national resort Cover Image

Анализ на обществените оценки и нагласи към устойчивото развитие на туризма в национален курорт Албена
Public assessment analysis of sustainable tourism development in Albena national resort

Author(s): Maria Vodenska
Subject(s): Economy, National Economy, Tourism
Published by: Международно висше бизнес училище
Keywords: tourism; sustainable development; assessment; resort; environment; impacts
Summary/Abstract: Despite the wide acceptance of the sustainable development concept, its implementation is still limited due to the difficulty of its practical application. The challenges are related to the comprehensive assessment of tourism impacts on the environment. Research on the problem in Bulgaria is still scarce. The known publications are at national level and do not give a clear picture of tourism sustainable development and its problems at regional and local levels. An appropriate regional level for monitoring sustainable tourism development is the national resort - it is possible to achieve purposeful use of local resources, combined with its effective control, while taking into account the interests of all parties concerned. The extent to which activities in the tourism sector affect the local environment is the aim of the current analysis of public assessment. Tourism undoubtedly has its positive impact on employment opportunities and local communities’ development, but it also leads to negative consequences on the natural features of the respective territories. The research includes a field survey of the opinion of the general public (residents of the municipality of Balchik) and users of tourist services in Albena national resort. The survey was conducted in the period June – July 2021.