On a revitalized and prospective phenomen of economic mainstream Cover Image

За един ревитализиран и проспективен феномен на икономическия мейнстрийм
On a revitalized and prospective phenomen of economic mainstream

Author(s): Atanas Damyanov, Margarita Marinova
Subject(s): Economy, Business Economy / Management, Socio-Economic Research
Published by: Международно висше бизнес училище
Keywords: italian experience; product diversification; conducting the circular economy; circular economy 2.0
Summary/Abstract: In the report, we follow a descriptive research strategy, historicalchronological approach, Case Study method, matrix method, etc. This study is divided into three parts. Part one: It uses a historical-chronological approach. It covers the period from BC - 100 years before Christ to the 60s of the XX century. The ancient experience of China, the Medieval of an Italian province is presented. For Bulgaria, the application of mathematical methods, implementation of product diversification for the use of waste is emphasized. In more recent times, the clustering for the full utilization of raw materials, solving problems related to the restoration of the natural environment. Part two: The systemic legislative and organizational aspect of the circular economy from the beginning of the 1970s to today is presented - China, Japan, etc. The high-tech approach of the USA is included. In this part of the research, a case study of Italian women entrepreneurs is developed. They develop fabric production technology, reaching haute couture. Part three: In this part of the research, a matrix of the asymmetric interaction in the circular economy is constructed. It includes two main vectors: circular economy orchestration level and circular economy scope. They are multiplexed with specific dimensions. In conclusion, it has been established that we have not yet witnessed the joining of the beginning and the end of the line, which would give grounds for forming a closed circle.