Overview of monitoring the progress of sustainable development Cover Image

Privire de ansamblu asupra monitorizării progresului dezvoltării durabile
Overview of monitoring the progress of sustainable development

Author(s): Simona-Rodica Şoldan
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Economy, Geography, Regional studies, National Economy, Human Geography, Regional Geography, Applied Geography, Governance, Economic policy, Government/Political systems, Policy, planning, forecast and speculation, Economic development, Socio-Economic Research
Keywords: indicators; monitoring progress; global politics;
Summary/Abstract: From the emergence of the concept of sustainable development to the present day, this model of development has been a global policy with economic, social and environmental implications, of major importance for our common good. Achieving sustainable development goals requires a holistic, long-term approach. The realization of the sustainable development vision and the monitoring of progress are based on indicators of achievement that need to be linked to specific actions over a time horizon. Identifying the right indicators and interpreting them is crucial. This paper provides an overview of the challenge of measuring indicators for monitoring progress on sustainable development and is a starting point for future in-depth analysis of the indicators associated with the 17 SDGs and the criteria for their selection.

  • Page Range: 37-44
  • Page Count: 8
  • Publication Year: 2023
  • Language: Romanian