Author(s): Ionel Stoica
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Social Sciences, Governance, Sociology, Government/Political systems, Social development, Economic development, Geopolitics
Published by: Carol I National Defence University Publishing House
Keywords: capitalism; free market; autocratic regim; global economy;
Summary/Abstract: Mankind is at present at a crossroad, and this fact is valid from a political, economic and social viewpoint. Strong and opposed political and social forces, by the goals they seek, are engaged into a though competition, whose result will decide the way of life for several future generations. From the political point of view, the battle takes place between democracies, on the one hand, and the autocratic regimes, on the other hand. As for the economic and social aspects, the battle develops between the super-rich or the dominant class, and those who struggle to survive. Another facet of this last aspect is represented by the competition that is being carried out between the free market capitalism, combined with the liberal democracy, and the state capitalism, often associated with the illiberal or autocratic political regimes. This paper intends to present and explain the factors that underpin the success of the state capitalism, the way that free market capitalism and the state capitalism coexist at present, as well as the potential for conflict that can appear between the two models of capitalism, with its consequences for global stability. Understanding these aspects is important because the two models of capitalism support distinct models of development and security. We will be focusing more on the state capitalism because we consider that this represents an important force that will shape the global economy in a significant way during the following decades.

  • Page Range: 322-332
  • Page Count: 11
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: English