On the interpretation of values  in the work of Radoslav Tsanoff Cover Image
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За интерпретацията на ценностите в творчеството на Радослав Цанов
On the interpretation of values in the work of Radoslav Tsanoff

Author(s): Tatyana Batuleva
Subject(s): Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Social Philosophy
Published by: Axia Academic Publishers
Keywords: Radoslav Tsanoff; value theory; ethics; scientific knowledge; economy; sociopolitical reforms
Summary/Abstract: Can scientific knowledge help us to save humanity? In her article, Batuleva shows that for Radoslav Tsanoff scientific knowledge is an undeniable value, an unconditional good, and yet we cannot fully trust it without a preliminary clarification of the question of how knowledge relates to other values, what is its effect on individual human experience on the one hand, and on the social existence on the other. Batuleva displays how Tsanoff's theory of values serves as a foundation and a link between the ethical, scientific and socio-political discourses. The original optics he has chosen, aims to inscribe moral imperatives in scientific, economic and political relations. This leads him to build a new scale of values, because without a "vital moral principle", any economic or political reform would lose its positive charge.

  • Page Range: 286-308
  • Page Count: 23
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Language: Bulgarian