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Inclusive Leadership and the Economics of Diversity
Inclusive Leadership and the Economics of Diversity

Author(s): Julia M. Puaschunder
Subject(s): Economic development, Law on Economics
Published by: Scientia Moralitas Research Institute
Keywords: Climate Change; Climate Stabilization; Comparative Law & Economics
Summary/Abstract: This paper addresses COVID-19 and its widespread and lasting inequality impacts around the globe. The paper also introduces the idea of the post-COVID-19 era heralding a new Renaissance that breeds a climate of ethics of inclusion. The economic, ethical and behavioral insights foundations of a vision for ethics of inclusivity advancements are provided in this article and concrete examples how to enact ethical inclusive leadership in the 21st century. Inequality alleviation will become necessary in inclusive leadership domains of the healthcare sector and providing access to affordable medicine. The currently rising gap between finance performance and real-world economic constraints exacerbated inequality and therefore ethics of inclusive leadership may bridge the gap between financial wealth accumulation and real-world liquidity constraints. Education is a driver of positive change that can transform globally in a digitalized learning space and social justice attentive education, which informs tomorrow’s inclusive leadership. Digitalization in the 21st century holds enormous implicit inclusive leadership potential to diminishes unnoticed inequality constraints that demand for attention to be overcome. The most pressing concerns over climate change are emphasized in order to then introduce a novel strategy to distribute the prospective economic gains from a warming globe equally within society, around the world and over time. The rest of the paper then discusses innovative methods to address inequality, for instance, through the combined strengths of law and economics.

  • Page Range: 1-15
  • Page Count: 15
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Language: English