Bibliography of the Northern Black Sea Area in Antiquity: BCOSPE III Cover Image

Библиографический свод литературы по античному Северному Причерноморью: BCOSPE III
Bibliography of the Northern Black Sea Area in Antiquity: BCOSPE III

Author(s): V. Cojocaru, Lavinia Grumeza
Subject(s): Archaeology
Published by: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Keywords: Black Sea; bibliography; historiography; Greek cities; art; religion; mythology; iranica
Summary/Abstract: Bibliographia classica orae septentrionalis Ponti Euxini. Ars, res sacrae & mythologica is the third of a planned series of six volumes dedicated to the bibliography of the northern Black Sea shore in antiquity. An up-to-date bibliographic guide to studies in the ancient history of the northern Black Sea has long been a desideratum, both for Western and Eastern scholars. With the publication of the first and second volumes – Epigraphica, numismatica, onomastica & prosopographica (BCOSPE I, 2014) and Archaeologica (BCOSPE II, 2018) – it became obvious that the importance of BCOSPE, its scope, originality and the diligence of its implementation does not leave any room for doubt that this book series will become a standard tool for everyone working on the ancient Black Sea region. This article provides the opportunity to expand on the topic, by discussing the following issues related to the project BCOSPE III: a brief introduction to the status quaestionis, innovative elements and the estimated impact, overall structure of the third volume and some methodological difficulties. At the same time, the authors focus on the historiographic debate on the Greeks and Non-Greeks (especially Scythians and Sarmatians) from the perspective of the publications on art, religion and mythology.

  • Page Range: 277-290
  • Page Count: 14
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: English, Russian