Interdisciplinary investigations on the territory of the Seven Brother’s townsite (Labrys) Cover Image

Междисциплинарные исследования на территории Семибратнего городища (Лабриса)
Interdisciplinary investigations on the territory of the Seven Brother’s townsite (Labrys)

Author(s): V.A. Goroncharovsky, Tatiana Nikolaevna Smekalova, Tatyana Valentinovna Sapelko
Subject(s): Archaeology
Published by: Wydawnictwa Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Keywords: Bosporan kingdom; Sindika; Labrys (Seven Brother’s townsite); interdisciplinary investigations; pollen data
Summary/Abstract: Labrys (the Seven Brother’s townsite) is located at the lower reaches of the Kuban River. In the 19th–20th centuries it was investigated by Vladimir Tizengauzen (1878) and Nikita Anfimov (between 1938 and 1955). The purpose of the present work is the analysis of the new data received during comprehensive research of the site (2001–2009). Primarily the works of these years are connected with the southern part of ancient settlement. According to geomagnetic survey it has the form of trapezoid, whereas northern part has oval outlines. On the southern, eastern and western sides of townsite one can see a prominent thickening of the intensity of anomalies at several points, which seem to meet the gates fortified by towers. Near eastern side a study of earlier layers revealed defensive wall and passage-tower with staircase of the 5th century BC. It abused destruction at the beginning of the 4th century BC and rebuilt about the middle of the same century. During Early Hellenistic period the remains of temenos with the external wall of the limestone blocks and two altars were located here. The pollen data of the 5th–1st centuries BC show that climate changes, fluctuations in the Black Sea level and changes in the hydrological regime of the Kuban River influenced to the development of Labrys. Further comprehensive study of this archaeological site can give essentially new information about early stage of the Greek-Sindian relations and following development of this region.

  • Page Range: 79-100
  • Page Count: 22
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: English, Russian