Itinerarium ex-post. The land that moves out Cover Image
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Itinerarium ex post albo teren, który uchodzi
Itinerarium ex-post. The land that moves out

Author(s): Paweł Paszek
Subject(s): Human Geography, Studies of Literature, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: life; third landscape; fallow lands; subject; anthropos
Summary/Abstract: The article (research essay) approaches the abandoned places and the fallow lands as new important fieldwork of contemporary anthropology. Spaces, places, and lands that have been exploited and abandoned resemble weak signs and disappearing traces of human being in some specific terrain. On the other hand, anthropologic reflection on forgotten and abandoned human locations – apart from the fact that any kind of specific local history of ex-post place plays the role of a moderator of the memory of some concrete space – is also a kind of a memory book of human violence towards topography and nature. Special plots of the hypermodern subject-anthropos are raised within the specific constellation of points and traces of presence and absence and also of history and existence.

  • Page Range: 155-196
  • Page Count: 42
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: Polish