Quarry at the bow. Report of a deportation to Transnistria Cover Image
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Steinbruch am Bug. Bericht einer Deportation nach Transnistrien
Quarry at the bow. Report of a deportation to Transnistria

Author(s): Wolfgang Benz, Isak Weissglas
Contributor(s): Ernest Wichner (Editor), Herbert Wiesner (Editor)
Subject(s): Jewish studies, History of the Holocaust
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Holocaust; deportation of Jews; Chernovitsy; Alfred Kittner;
Summary/Abstract: In 1982, Gerhardt Csejka, then editor of the journal “Neue Literatur”, rescued a few bundles of papers from the bathtub in Alfred Kittner's Bucharest apartment. Alfred Kittner, the poet from Chernivtsi and living in Bucharest since 1943, stayed in Düsseldorf after a visit to the Federal Republic of Germany. The Bucharest authorities then forcibly opened the apartment, sold the large library to the Bucharest antiquarian book-market and threw all other papers - including valuable manuscripts, letters and personal documents - into the bathroom as rubbish. Gerhardt Csejka managed to save some of this material, including this report, published here for the first time in full, about one of the numerous deportations of Jews from Czernowitz that began in 1941, which named Alfred Kittner and his family as deportation victims and fellow sufferers of the narrator. It is a 93-page second or third, at least a pale typewriter copy, with three unpaginated sheets of paper with tabular overviews of dates, names and events. We have this bundle for the first time shown in Berlin in 1993/94 in the exhibition of the Literaturhaus Berlin “In the language of murderers. A literature from Czernowitz, Bukowina " and, after a few other presentations, also in Bucharest, and an excerpt, limited to a few pages, in the exhibition book of the same title.

  • Print-ISBN-10: 3-926433-09-4
  • Page Count: 100
  • Publication Year: 1995
  • Language: German