КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1987 / 43 Cover Image
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KONTINENT / КОНТИНЕНТ – Ost-West-Forum – Ausgabe 1987 / 43
КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1987 / 43

Author(s): German Naumovič Andreev, Swetlana Balaschowa, Georgij Bragin, Joseph Brodsky, Aleksa Đilas, Jewgenij Gabowitsch, Friedrich Gradski, Eduard Gudawa, Viktor Krivulin, Aleksandar Podrabinek
Subject(s): Literary Texts, Studies of Literature, Civil Society
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: ALEXANDER PODRABINEK: “Break with the sad tradition!” // GERMAN ANDREYEV: On the seventieth anniversary of the Bolshevik overthrow in Petrograd // FRIEDRICH GRADSKI: The “Tukhachevsky affair” // Stalin - man and symbol. Shorthand for a discussion // Liberation or Survival? Letter from Moscow // IOSSIF BRODSKIJ: No farewell to Western culture. Why Milan Kundera is wrong about Dostoyevsky // JEWGENY GABOVITSCH: Average? Catastrophe? Failure? Notes on the occasion of the first anniversary of Chernobyl // ALEKSA DJILAS: Nationalism and Communism in Yugoslavia // GEORGIJ BRAGIN: Ivan and Iwana // VICTOR KRIWULIN: Poems // “Who is the use of silence?” A discussion at Moscow University // A POPKOWA: You have to look reality in the eye // What does Gorbachev want? // Truth and the public are indivisible. Appeal to the Soviet government // “Where man is defenseless, there is no peace” // “He died for us too” Open letter to the newspaper “Trud” // EDUARD GUDAWA: “Whose should you plead guilty to?” Declaration // SWETLANA BALASCHOWA: For an unconditional political amnesty // The fate of the unemployed in the USSR

  • Page Count: 104
  • Publication Year: 1987
  • Language: German