КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1985 / 35 Cover Image
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KONTINENT / КОНТИНЕНТ – Ost-West-Forum – Ausgabe 1985 / 35
КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1985 / 35

Author(s): Pjotr Abowin-Egides, Peter Boris, Heinz Brandt, Helmut Dahm, Felix Ermacora, Leopold Labedz, Sławomir Mrożek, Richard Pipes, Julius H. Schoeps, Milan Šimečka, Valentin Sokolov, Dora Sturman, David Tolmasin
Subject(s): Literary Texts, Studies of Literature, Civil Society
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: Yalta appeal. From the Polish underground // RICHARD PIPES: The Corrupt Party // ALEXANDER NEKRITSCH: The USSR and the Second World War // LEOPOLD LABEDZ: Orwell beyond 1984 // HELMUT DAHM: Ideology as a code of politics. The socio-economic and intellectual-cultural crisis consciousness in the Soviet Union // DAVID TOLMASIN: Soviet system and environment. Degradation of water resources in the Soviet Union // The public in the West must help ensure that human rights are respected in the world. A conversation with FELIX ERMACORA // JULIUS H. SCHOEPS: The young heart. To commemorate the 125th birthday // PETER BORIS: Notes on Rosa Luxemburg // HEINZ BRANDT: Afghan death fugue // SŁAWOMIR MROŻEK: Short conversation between the progressive western liberal and the thoroughly progressive Soviet Union // MILAN ŠIMEČKA: The new Secretary General // JURIJ GALPERIN: Sporty interlude // VALENTIN SOKOLOW: Poems // DORA STURMAN: The notebook on the table. Memories of a former communist (end) // 99 PJOTR ABOWIN-EGIDES: As a philosopher in the collective farm // The fate of Russian poets. About Irina Ratuschinskaja's detention conditions

  • Page Count: 120
  • Publication Year: 1985
  • Language: German