КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1984 / 31 Cover Image
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KONTINENT / КОНТИНЕНТ – Ost-West-Forum – Ausgabe 1984 / 31
КОНТИНЕНТ / CONTINENT East-West-Forum – Issue 1984 / 31

Author(s): Jurij Alexandrow, Alexandra Alexandrowa, Boris Chazanov, Igor Glijer, Paul Johnson, Boris Kamenezkij, Jacek Kuroń, Iwan Martynow, Adam Michnik, Gennadij Pokrass, Anastasia Powerennaja, Tamara Samsonowa, Maksim D. Šostakovič, Howard Spier, Bogdan Tschujko, Leszek Szaruga
Subject(s): Literary Texts, Studies of Literature, Civil Society
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: “Next year in Jerusalem.” Appeal for Jews from the Soviet Union who want to leave the country // PAUL JOHNSON: Marxism and Jewry // HOWARD SPIER: Dark times for Soviet Jewry // IGOR GLIJER: The paradoxical tragedy of popular rule // BORIS CHASANOV: Control over the printed word in the Soviet Union // TAMARA SAMSONOWA: What we mean by morality ... // ANASTASIA POWERENNAJA: Not according to the program. From the memories of a former propagandist // Everyday life in the Soviet wasteland. Interview with the refugee trade-unionist JURIJ ALEXANDROW // A conductor in exile. Conversation with MAXIM SHOSTAKOWITSCH // GENNADIJ POKRASS: “The defendant is the state” // LESZEK SZARUGA: Poems // ADAM MICHNIK: A testimony to freedom, truth and honor. Letter on the situation of Andrei Sakharov // In defense of the Sakharov couple. Two letters from the Soviet Union // IWAN MARTYNOV: Jewish scholars in Russian culture // JACEK KUROŃ: Open letter on the peace discussion in Europe // BOGDAN TSCHUJKO: Letter to the participants of the Western peace movements // BORIS KAMENEZKIJ / ALEXANDRA ALEXANDROWA: The diamonds Hand. Corruption as a pillar of the system

  • Page Count: 112
  • Publication Year: 1984
  • Language: German