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Author(s): Amir Alagić
Subject(s): Language and Literature Studies, Literary Texts, Fiction, Studies of Literature, Novel, Croatian Literature
Published by: Durieux
Keywords: mystery; rashomon; New Years's Eve; bar; death; stranger; alienation; love; return; interconnected stories; history; Pula;
Summary/Abstract: On a New Year's Eve someone – the narrator or destiny – threw their web over the city. In Amir Alagić's new novel, Tunnels, the sudden death of a stranger in a bar multiplies in a game of mirrors. The game reveals that apparently random bar guests are connected by invisible tunnels. If we decide to venture through those tunnels, we will embark on a dangerous journey and risk getting nothing in the end. Maybe there is no light at the end of the tunnel, but it is enough for this fascinating story to light our way. Amir Alagić was born in 1977, in Banja Luka. So far he has published the novels The Sacravenges (2016), Hundred Years' Childhood (2017), and Tunnels (2019), and the short story collections Under the Same Sky (2010), and The Lines Which You Call Rivers. He published short stories and poems in various literary magazines and anthologies. He wrote a screenply for the short feature film Toying, or a Broken Water Heater (2012). He lives in Pula.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-953-188-480-9
  • Page Count: 336
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: Croatian
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