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Istra, Jadran, Sredozemlje: Identiteti i imaginariji
Istria, Adriatic, Mediterranean: Identities and Imaginaries

Author(s): Miroslav Bertoša
Subject(s): History, Anthropology, Social Sciences, Cultural history, Economic history, Local History / Microhistory, Political history, Social history, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology
Published by: Durieux
Summary/Abstract: Feuilletons, on this occasion arranged in several units, which the author published in the period from 1991 to 2002 in the Pula daily "Glas Istre". These feuilletons are a kind of reflection on the current - primarily Istrian - political everyday life, in which the author, looking at the world from the perspective of a historian, connects the present and the past. Or, as Bertoša himself describes them, they are: "improvised imaginations and fabrications of reality in confrontation with history, its facts and its interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary context."

  • Print-ISBN-10: 953-188-169-3
  • Page Count: 461
  • Publication Year: 2003
  • Language: Croatian