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KOSOVO. Ištine i Zablude
KOSOVO. Truths and Misconceptions

Author(s): Sinan Hasani
Subject(s): Historical Geography, Constitutional Law, Inter-Ethnic Relations
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Federation of Yugoslavia; Kosovo in Serrbia; Kosovo autonomy; Albanian nationalism;
Summary/Abstract: Published 1986 in Zagreb by the » Centar za informacije i publicitet «. // EDITOR’s INTRODUCTION: This book from the edition "Anatomy of a Conspiracy" is entitled "Kosovo - Truths and Misconceptions", and its author is Sinan Hasani, a well-known socio-political worker and writer. Given that these are well-known events, but very complex and contradictory, the author found himself in a really difficult role, to consciously and critically comprehensively analyze the events to which he was partly a witness. It was a challenge for an excellent analyst and writer to turn the exceptionality of authentic testimony into an interesting political-sociological study. In an extensive and documented book, the author fulfilled these tasks in its entirety. By placing the events he writes about in the wider space and complexity of socio-economic and national relations, not only in the narrower area of Kosovo but also within Yugoslavia, observing Yugoslav-Albanian relations and in the broader Balkans and Europe, the author confirms his literary work equally well. talent as the book itself ranks in the good fundus of Marxist political journalism in our country.

  • Print-ISBN-10: 86-7125-001-6
  • Page Count: 358
  • Publication Year: 1986
  • Language: Croatian