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VERHÜLLUNG UND ENTHÜLLUNG. Der Kampf der Ideologien in der Geschichte
DISGUISE AND REVEALING. The Battle of Ideologies in History

Author(s): Pál Szende
Subject(s): History, Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Recent History (1900 till today), Interwar Period (1920 - 1939)
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: Any formation of thought is considered by Szende as an “Ideology” which exceeds, by interpretation, by conceptual definition, by intellectual converting, and by logical classification, simple human perception. It is the historical role of ideologies to bring individuals or masses, through psychological inducement, to either historical action or to passiveness concerning social order and its conservation or its reform resp. revolution. The main characteristics of ideologies triggering either conservative attitudes and passiveness or reform resp. revolution can be described as “Verhüllung” (disuise) or “Enthüllung” (unveiling). // “It is the essential feature of every revolution and crisis period that the social driving forces, which in less turbulent times are veiled, distorted, whitewashed, impetuously come to the surface from the depths, and are presented to human knowledge in an unadulterated form. Every revolution is the apocalypse of the unconscious, the real agents of events that have not yet been recognized at all or have been recognized in a different way. The potential energies of society - stored up since time immemorial - discharge themselves in grandiose shooting up, creating new things, destroying the old. The rate of the world clock is accelerated. A gigantic film shows the keen eye the biogenetic law of history; every stage of development in human society is shown to us in a flash of lightning.” (Paul Szende)

  • Page Count: 86
  • Publication Year: 1922
  • Language: German