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Europäisches Schicksal
Europe’s Fate

Author(s): Konrad Heiden
Subject(s): Politics, Sociology of Culture, Cultural Essay
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Overpopulation; Human Rights; development of Civilization; economy and democracy; Nation; Nationalism;
Summary/Abstract: Published in 1937 by Querido-Verlag (Amsterdam) the author offers an essay about the situation of Modern Civilization facing the results of sociographic, technical, intellectual, cultural and political development since the industrial revolution. // Konrad Heiden (born August 7, 1901 in Munich, † June 18, 1966 in New York City) was a German-American journalist and political writer who wrote Hitler's first substantial biography in 1936. // The social democratic journalist has been writing about the political scene in Munich since the early 1920s and thus became one of the earliest observers and a staunch opponent of the Nazi movement and Adolf Hitler. After Hitler came to power, Heiden fled to the USA via several stations and obtained American citizenship in the 1950s. Heiden dealt primarily with the ideology and character of National Socialism. // After his death, Heiden and his writings were quickly forgotten. Since 2007, however, his works on Hitler and National Socialism have been reprinted or re-edited in German for the first time.

  • Page Count: 247
  • Publication Year: 1937
  • Language: German