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La Garantie Internationale en Droit des Minorités
The International Guarantee in Minorities Law

Author(s): Athanase Moskov
Subject(s): Constitutional Law, International Law, Migration Studies, Inter-Ethnic Relations
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: rights of minorities; ethnic minorities;
Summary/Abstract: Published in 1936 by » Établissements Émile Bruylant, Société anonyme d’Éditions Juridiques et Scientifiques « (Brussels). // M. Moskov's work comes out at a time (1936) when the Law of Nations is going through a particularly acute phase of depression. Jurists will only be more pleased to see, at this precise moment, express with such lucidity, firmness and faith this interpretation of one of the most curious creations of contemporary international law: the guarantee of Minorities Rights elaborated in International Law. Without any doubt, it will surprise many politicians who have been directly involved, in recent years, in resolving the difficulties relating to the treatment of minorities. But is it not the highest mission of the jurist to project on the creations of social life the strong light of a penetrating analysis, to identify their distant origins, to mark their analogies, to render intelligible the functioning of the cogs of the new institution, to locate its place in the evolution of the Law? Attentive to the psychological, moral and social aspects of the new phenomenon, as well as to the conventional texts of which he gives us a penetrating analysis, M. Moskov gives these legal developments a solid basis which carries conviction. His main thesis, which the internationalists of the Contemporary School would be grateful to him for having demonstrated, is that the guarantee of the League of Nations constitutes in this case a real public function, not a faculty. The Council could not therefore avoid it without failing in its task.

  • Page Count: 234
  • Publication Year: 1936
  • Language: French