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Politische Geschichte des Modernen Europa 1814-1896
Political History of Modern Europe 1814-1896

Author(s): Charles Seignobos
Subject(s): History, Political history, Modern Age, 19th Century
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: European Histoy 19th Century;
Summary/Abstract: This is the German edition (1910) of the 2-volumes English edition of 1901. // The task in hand, then, is to explain the political transformations of contemporary Europe during this period of eighty years. Being unable to deal with the whole movement of European civilization within the period, I have purposely confined myself to the political history. I have avoided all social phenomena that have had no direct effect on political life: art, science, literature, religion, private manners, and customs. I have sought chiefly to make clear the formation, composition, tactics, and policies of the parties, as being the capital facts determining the fate of institutions. But I have not thought it possible to limit political history to an account of strictly political events and institutions. Aiming above all to explain the phenomena by showing how they are connected with each other, I have reserved room for some non-political facts: local administration, the army, the church, the schools, the press, political theories, economic systems—in all cases in which they have reacted on political life. (extract from Preface)

  • Page Count: 808
  • Publication Year: 1910
  • Language: German