Land consolidation in Romanian agriculture Cover Image

Consolidarea proprietății funciare din agricultura României
Land consolidation in Romanian agriculture

Author(s): Laura Ciobanu
Subject(s): Economy
Published by: EDITURA ASE
Keywords: land fragmentation; land consolidation; agricultural policy; Romanian agriculture;
Summary/Abstract: In the past twenty-five years Romania's agricultural sector has faced many changes and challenges. Although this sector has received considerable support, the policies designed and implemented starting from the last agrarian reform did not generate the expected effects. The magnitude of the changes after the '90s led to the creation of raw conditions for the development of agriculture. The specific way of transition and the agricultural policies implemented have greatly contributed to the polarization of the agrarian structures and to agricultural land fragmentation. Even under the influence of the common agricultural policy, the agricultural restructuring process went very slow. Fragmentation creates inefficiencies especially by limiting the capacity to adapt to new technologies and to the changes in costs and also contributes to maintaining a relatively constant and high volume of labor force in agriculture. While Western European countries have a long tradition and significant experience in land consolidation, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are still at the beginning of the road with this process. Romania is part of the countries without an ongoing consolidation program, although fragmentation is a major obstacle in the process of agricultural development. However, over time there have been several initiatives in this regard. Overall, the implementation of the land consolidation program is a way of modeling the existing potential and contributes to increasing the farms efficiency by improving production and land use choices. It also allows access to new technologies, creates the prerequisites for an operational land market and improves the overall viability of the holdings.

  • Page Count: 142
  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Language: Romanian