Cyrillo-Methodiana et Varia Mediaevalia. Monuments of the Cyrillo-Methodian tradition Cover Image
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Cyrillo-Methodiana et Varia Mediaevalia. Паметници на кирило-методиевската традиция
Cyrillo-Methodiana et Varia Mediaevalia. Monuments of the Cyrillo-Methodian tradition

Author(s): Slavia Barlieva
Subject(s): History, Language and Literature Studies, Cultural history, Studies of Literature, Middle Ages, Philology
Published by: Кирило-Методиевски научен център при Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Cyrillo-Methodian sources; Middle Ages; cult of SS Cyril and Methodius; Cyrillo-Methodiana Graeca; Cyrillo-Methodiana Latina; Modern Age; national identity.
Summary/Abstract: The present monograph presents studies by Slavia Burlieva on monuments of the Cyrillo-Methodian tradition, interpreted as phenomena of identity – confessional, political, ethnic, cultural. They are written in different periods of her research activity and are published in various Bulgarian and foreign editions in Bulgarian, English, Italian, Russian and German. Collecting them in a monographic corps will enable them to better present to a wider audience the specific research field of the author, which she enriched with new discoveries and interpretations. Here are researches on newly discovered Cyrillomethodian sources or their transcripts – such as, for example, the unknown poem written in the inner field of the otherwise well-known Latin Casaurian chronicle, the second edition of the List of the Archbishops of Ohrid, the Old Roman Catholic services for St. Cyril and Methodius, the inventory records and letters on the relics of the Holy Brothers. The introduction sums up various texts in the perspective of their occurrence on the occasion of one or another event of the Cyrillo-Methodian mission or its later reflection – from the Late Middle Ages to the Modern Age. They are published with accompanying comments, chronologically organized in the Cyrillo-Methodiana Graeca et Latina section. This section is followed by the Varia section, which includes research, most generally related to mediaeval issues, which provoked the author’s interest in her Cyrillo-Methodist studies.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-954-9787-40-5
  • Page Count: 392
  • Publication Year: 2019
  • Language: English, Bulgarian