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Strip kao medij filozofske poruke : stripozofski pristup nastavi filozofije
Comics as a Medium of Philosophical Message : a Comics Approach to Teaching Philosophy

Author(s): Haris Cerić, Elmana Cerić
Subject(s): Philosophy, Literary Texts, Education, Visual Arts
Published by: Druga gimnazija Sarajevo
Keywords: comics; graphic novels; teaching; philosophy;
Summary/Abstract: book was created as a synthesis of experiences, which are the result of many years of theoretical research and practical application of comics in teaching. Haris Cerić, a university professor of pedagogy, in his previous books Scandalon in the Clouds: How to Use Comics in Teaching? (2013) and On the educational potential of comics: contributions to the establishment of the comics method in teaching (2019), considered the possibilities of applying comics in teaching and offered some theoretical starting points for systematic scientific study of comics as a kind of teaching medium, and advocated the establishment of a new teaching method, which he named the comics method in teaching. Elmana Cerić, as a high school teacher of philosophy and logic, has been successfully applying various forms of comics methods in her teaching practice for almost two decades. The positive reaction of students to this method of work has never been lacking. Moreover, all previous generations of students have enthusiastically accepted this alternative approach to teaching philosophy, finding in it an opportunity to express their creative potential and develop critical thinking. Although the possibility of using comics in teaching is wide, ie it is possible with adequate didactic-methodological adaptation, to use it in almost all subjects and at all ages, the authors of this book, above all, want to encourage and motivate teachers of philosophy to use in their work comics method. Because there are at least five qualities of comics that make it an excellent teaching medium in teaching philosophy. It is: Subversive, Transcendent, Reflective, Interesting and Provocative.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9958-9366-1-6
  • Page Count: 172
  • Publication Year: 2020
  • Language: Bosnian