Teacher and Pupil. Theory and Practice of Reception and Transmission of Information in Early School Education Grades 1–3 Cover Image
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Nauczyciel i uczeń. Teoria i praktyka odbioru oraz transmisji informacji w edukacji wczesnoszkolnej
Teacher and Pupil. Theory and Practice of Reception and Transmission of Information in Early School Education Grades 1–3

Author(s): Beata Oelszlaeger-Kosturek
Subject(s): Social Sciences, Education
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Keywords: questions and statements of students; communication acts; activities and actions;Information;
Summary/Abstract: The publication concerns the subject of teacher-students communication in the context of the educational process in the early grades of primary school. In chapter one, the issues of information and knowledge were addressed with regard to their transmission and reception from the sender to the recipient, including the context of an educational process. The activities and actions undertaken by a teacher working with students in grades 1 through 3 were presented. From this perspective, the communicative competence of the teacher was analyzed as a main factor in the whole communication process in the classroom.In chapter two, the most relevant linguistic and philosophical aspects related to the subject were discussed. The focus was on the fundamental types, characteristics and functions of utterances. A variety of questions and statements that could be formulated by children in grades 1–3 was characterized. A typology of these utterances was proposed in the context of representative literature on the subject.In chapter three, research issues were outlined. The subject of research, its goals (theoretical and practical), and research problems were discussed. Three strategies along with methods, techniques, and tools applied for the purpose of the author’s own research were presented. The theoretical aim of this (diagnostic) research was to recognize essential questions and statements uttered by students of early school age, shaping the educational process. The practical aim was related to the search for innovative and valuable strategies and methods – the entire concept of the training of students of pedagogy to become early school education teachers. The main research problem concerned specifically the role of students’ questions and statements in the educational process in grades 1–3.The results of research were illustrated in tables and charts, and a non-stereotypical quantitative-qualitative analysis regarding the reception and transmission of information between a teacher and students was proposed to describe daily schoolwork. A novelty is a multilevel analysis of the communicative acts initiated by students and their continuation or lack of continuation according to the teacher’s decisions, and a development of different communication models based on this.In chapter four, conclusions, certain generalizations, and postulates were proposed, as well as an attempt to develop innovative components in the training of early school education teachers. In the final chapter of the book, chapter five, questions and statements of early primary grade students (grades 1–3) that were asked and formulated in a specific educational context were gathered, along with teachers’ replies to these questions and statements.The lists of students’ questions and statements can be used as source materials by academic teachers in educating pedagogy students – future early school education teachers. They can also be useful in preparing all kinds of research papers (for instance diploma dissertations, M.A. theses, and others).In conclusion, numerous findings and postulates were formulated, which contributed to the development of the author’s original conception of the training of early school education teachers. The publication is provided with a bibliography, a list of tables, charts, diagrams, and examples. A separate part is an appendix, which includes Przewodnik do badań nad pytaniami, stwierdzeniami uczniów oraz czynnościami i działaniami nauczyciela (A Guide to Research on Questions and Statements of Students with Activities and Actions of a Teacher) along with research tools and numerous charts supplementing the research outcomes that were presented and interpreted in chapter three.

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  • Page Count: 456
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Polish