BOHEMIA SINCE THE WHITE MOUNTAIN. Vol I. The Triumph of the Church. Centralism. Cover Image
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LA BOHÊME DEPUIS LA MONTAGNE-BLANCHE. Vol I. Le Triomphe de l’Église. Le Centralisme.
BOHEMIA SINCE THE WHITE MOUNTAIN. Vol I. The Triumph of the Church. Centralism.

Author(s): Ernest Denis
Subject(s): History, Modern Age, 16th Century, 17th Century
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: I intended to write a book in good faith. I always said what I believed to be the truth, even when I knew she would upset my dear friends; I have tried to judge without injustice the men who are most hateful to me. As for the serene indifference that a certain school claims to claim from historians, I do not believe it and I have never encountered it. Between executioners and martyrs, between tyrants and victims, it is not possible for me to remain neutral; I hate oppression in all its forms, I believe in the triumph of justice, and that is why the cause of Bohemia is dear to me. If she succumbs, which seems impossible to me, the share of inequity, already so great in the world, would be increased. // I did not cover up any of the mistakes of the Czech patriots; I still believe they wrote one of the most beautiful pages in human history. When the day comes when the nations, disillusioned with dreams of false glory, understand that the common interest requires respect for all freedoms, when enlightened consciences have broken the altars of false gods, we will place in the first row of evocative of the new world the Dobrovsky, the Havlíček and the Palacký. They taught us the power of law and the power of dedication; to triumph over the belated hatreds which persist in contesting a victory which is now certain, the Czechs have only to draw inspiration from their lessons. For me, I am convinced that by spreading their names and their doctrines, I will have contributed to uplift the souls of all who will read me and to free them from the prejudices of hatred and pride.

  • Page Count: 651
  • Publication Year: 1903
  • Language: French