Still far from Goal: Preschool Attendance of Roma Children in

Još uvek daleko od cilja: Prezastupljenost romske dece u „specijalnim školama” u Srbiji
Still far from Goal: Preschool Attendance of Roma Children in "special schools" in Serbia

Author(s): Specified No Author
Subject(s): School education, Ethnic Minorities Studies, Sociology of Education
Published by: European Roma Rights Center
Keywords: Roma children in "special schools";
Summary/Abstract: This report is elaborated by European Roma Rights Center (ERRC). After attending ERRC training on field research in the area of „education for disadvantaged students“, a team of 16 Roma researchers interviewed a Roma family whose children attend school for disadvantaged pupils in ten locations throughout Serbia. This team consisted of the following members in alphabetical order: Aleksandar Dinić, Aleksandar Makić, Aleksandar Demirović, Branislav Jovanović, Damir Alijević, Dalibor Nakić, Danica Jovanović, Goran Hasanović, Ina Karab, Jašar Ašimović, Jelica Nikolić, Jovan Nikolić Đuričković, Sladjana Teodorović and Slavica Rakić. Angelina Vučurević conducted field data collected by the researchers. Andrea Čolak prepared an analysis of the legal framework, which served as the basis for the relevant chapter. Marija Manić was responsible for collecting statistical data from the school. Tatjana Perić conducted additional interviews with experts and activists, and he also wrote several versions of this report, including Đorđe Jovanović, Stefan Miler (Stephan Müller), Adam Weiss (Adam Weiss), Merien Pauel (Marianne Powell) and Andrea Čolak . Dezierer Gergelj (Dezideriu Gergely) approved the final version of the report for publication.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-963-89916-2-1
  • Page Count: 51
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: Serbian