Folk and Church Marriage in Serbian Rural Society Cover Image

Народни и црквени брак у српском сеоском друштву
Folk and Church Marriage in Serbian Rural Society

Author(s): Aleksandra Pavićević
Contributor(s): Nikola Pantelić (Editor)
Subject(s): Customs / Folklore, History of Church(es), Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology, Eastern Orthodoxy
Published by: Етнографски институт САНУ
Keywords: Serbian rural society; customs; cultural anthropology; folk marriage; church marriage; Orthodox;
Summary/Abstract: From historical fact of overlapping life of Serbian folk and its orthodox church result imperative of studding and observing institution of marriage among Serbs in the light of Christian orthodox church dogma and ideology. Short review of history of Serbian Orthodox Church points at substantial part that it had taken in different aspects of Serbian folk life what is shown through study exhibited in this work. As a basic (ideological) frame of studding the categories related to the marriage it is taken church law respectively system of norms from customary law which show high rate of mutual similarity (which origin as a result of mutual influence of those two systems), but also certain differences which are notify as a fruit of specific social, historical and cultural conditions. Methodological problems that are notify in wor, point out necessity of more thoroughly studding of so called "traditional society" model that would consider first of all, serious critic of ethnological sources and redefinition of certain ideas and concepts. As temporal frame of researched models it is taken the period of relative stability of traditional family and system of ethical norms that it represents and which ends when the process of "stormy transformation" started in the beginning of 20th century. Still, in work there are shortly presented also the elements of new age model of marriage which only purpose was to point out the direction of changes in mentioned spheres and necessity for their thoroughly research.

  • E-ISBN-10: 86-7587-021-3
  • Print-ISBN-10: 86-7587-021-3
  • Page Count: 149
  • Publication Year: 2000
  • Language: Serbian