Self-creation of childless couples to multidimensional adoptive parenthood. Pedagogical and anthropological perspective Cover Image
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Autokreacja małżonków bezdzietnych do wielowymiarowego rodzicielstwa adopcyjnego. Perspektywa pedagogiczno-antropologiczna
Self-creation of childless couples to multidimensional adoptive parenthood. Pedagogical and anthropological perspective

Author(s): Arkadiusz Wąsiński
Subject(s): Family and social welfare, Gerontology
Published by: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
Keywords: childlessness; adoption; adoptive parenthood; multidimensional parenthood; self-creation; agathological perspective; axiological perspective; bezdzietność; adopcja; rodzicielstwo adopcyjne; rodzicielstwo wielowymiarowe; autokreacja
Summary/Abstract: This book sets out to address the problem of adoptive parenthood of married couples who failed to concept and thus experience unplanned childlessness. However, the author does not focus on infertility-related experiences, decision-making process, legal aspects of adoption or couple functioning as adoptive parents, but on analysis of multi-aspect process of self-creation of spouses to this form of parenthood in the pre-parental stage. The original concept presented herein - of self-creation of spouses to multidimensional adoptive parenthood - exposes two main aspects: a) parenthood as multidimensional reality; b) parenthood as a challenge for personal self-creation of spouses who experience unintentional childlessness. The main focus is on multi-contextual approach to parenthood, both adoptive and biological, as a reality of personal turn of the spouses towards a child. This reality assumes recognizing the child as equally valuable subject. Fully multidimensional nature of adoptive parenthood reveals when spouses shape their parenting relationship according to integral concept of man. This way parenthood, recognized in its fully developed, multidimensional structure, becomes the reality of personal meeting of parent and child, experiencing his or her personal presence, supporting his or her development and accompanying him or her in spiritual growth. Thus, it is identified with a reality in which a child is not treated as an object in any stage of his or her life. Personal self-creation of spouses determines their readiness to become adoptive parents in many dimensions of their functioning. It is seen holistically and involves conscious self-development, transformative biographical learning, self-reforming management of their own development and self-development of “self” as adoptive parent in agathological and axiological perspective. Complex, multidimensional character of self-creation is also discussed on the basis of integral concept of man. In this way, the problem of self-creation of spouses to adoptive parenthood is viewed in anthropological, axiological and existential context.

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  • Page Count: 382
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Polish