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The Japanese People

Author(s): Bratislav Ivanov
Subject(s): History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Social Sciences, Language and Literature Studies, Economy, Fine Arts / Performing Arts, Cultural history, Foreign languages learning, Psychology, Customs / Folklore, Geography, Regional studies, Visual Arts, Human Geography, Regional Geography, History of Philosophy, Non-European Philosophy, Social Philosophy, Special Branches of Philosophy, Sociology, Economic history, Ethnohistory, Local History / Microhistory, Military history, Political history, Social history, Comparative Studies of Religion, Ancient Philosphy, East Asian Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Religion, Cultural Anthropology / Ethnology, Culture and social structure , Social psychology and group interaction, Crowd Psychology: Mass phenomena and political interactions, Sociology of Culture, Sociology of the arts, business, education, Economic development, Sociology of Politics, Socio-Economic Research, Philosophy of History
Published by: Издателство »Изток-Запад«
Keywords: Japan; Japanese; language; culture; religion; history; values; traditions; mythology; knowledge; study; research; state; society; wisdom; book; books
Summary/Abstract: Bratislav Ivanov's new book is dedicated to the values and traditions of the Japanese culture. Already in the early twentieth century, French scientist Henry Dumolard draws attention to the fact that the Japanese people are guided by their logic and draw conclusions that are often incomprehensible to Europeans. To understand the Japanese people, we need to know the values that form the core of their culture. A key to their understanding is the geographical environment, mythology, religion, and Japan's history.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-619-01-0120-8
  • Page Count: 200
  • Publication Year: 2017
  • Language: Bulgarian