The Bosnian Kingdom in the middle of the 15th century - King Stjepan Tomaš Cover Image
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Bosanska kraljevina sredinom XV vijeka - kralj Stjepan Tomaš
The Bosnian Kingdom in the middle of the 15th century - King Stjepan Tomaš

Author(s): Midhat Spahić
Subject(s): History
Published by: Naučnoistraživački institut »Ibn Sina«
Keywords: Bosnian King Stephen Thomas; Medieval Bosnia; Ottomans; Stephen Vukcic Kosaca; Bosnian Church; Catholicism; 15th century;
Summary/Abstract: Bosnian King Stephen Thomas ruled for almost eighteen years, from 1443 until 1461. While his predecessors had been replaced by Bosnian noblemen, Thomas remained on the throne until the end of his life. The period of his reign was very turbulent, especially the beginning and the end of the reign, and it was marked by conflicts with Ottomans, Stephen Vukcic Kosaca and Serbian Despotate. The way of the succession of the throne in Medieval Bosnia has not been completely revealed. The preserved sources lead to the conclusion that there was no principle of throne inheriting in the Medieval Bosnia. Therefore, with great certainty we can assume that the dignity of being a ruler was a matter of election. The act of election and coronation was under the competence of Medieval Bosnia parliament. The leading Bosnian noblemen had the decisive role in the election of a ruler. The case of Thomas’ coronation was particularly interesting, bringing us the new details on that act, because besides the old Bosnian crown he wanted to be crowned with the new on by the Pope. Namely, the word is about the new crown the Pope Eugen IV prepared for King Thomas as a gratitude for conversion into Catholicism. However, King Thomas was opposed by Bosnian noblemen who had still been devoted to Bosnian Church. The noblemen stopped Thomas to be crowned with the new crown sent by the Pope, because that crown represented the symbol of religious and political reform that was to be implemented in Bosnia. Thomas was aware of the fact that the crowning with the new crown could put the peace in the country and his position of the ruler in danger, so he was forced to abandon such coronation.

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  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Language: Bosnian