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Theory of International Relations

Author(s): János Kristóf Murádin
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, Public Administration
Published by: Scientia Kiadó
Keywords: international relations;European studies; Westphalian interstate political system
Summary/Abstract: The aim of the course book entitled Theory of International Relations is to make the education of students specializing in International Relations and European Studies much easier. First of all, it contains a brief theoretical introduction to the very large field of international relations through the preludes of this branch of science, the basics of its name and its origins. In the second part of the book the actors of the international relations are introduced besides the first forms of interstate relations. In this matter, the whole chapter 3 is a presentation of the Westphalian interstate political system, and chapter 4 is a large demonstration of the classic system of the balance of power dealing with its origins and most important aspects as well. The main part of the book (chapters 5-10) presents the basic theoretical schools of international relations: realism, neorealism, idealism, neoidealism and geopolitics. Finally, the last chapter contains the latest theories of international relations: neofunctionalism, neo-Marxism, behaviorism, constructivism and reflectivism. At the end of the book there is a list of notions, which helps the students in understanding the material. The entire book covers a one-semester course in international relations.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-973-197-019-6
  • Page Count: 196
  • Publication Year: 2009
  • Language: Hungarian