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Túlélők és újrakezdők
Survivors and Restarters

Chapters from the Sociology of Hungarian Jewry after 1945

Author(s): Viktor Karády
Subject(s): Jewish studies, Post-War period (1950 - 1989), Transformation Period (1990 - 2010), Present Times (2010 - today), History of the Holocaust
Published by: Múlt és Jövő
Summary/Abstract: The reader holds in his hands an old/new book, the first version of which was published in 1984 in the now legendary Parisian workshop of liberal political émigrés, the Magyar Füzetek [Hungarian papers], under the editorship of Péter Kende. The present text, which has been re-edited, in part re-written, and supplemented and expanded with the findings of recent research, is the first part of a larger work about the sociology of Hungarian-Jewish survivors. The second part is to be published in a separate volume. The author has forged together statistical indicators, contemporary press articles, autobiographical reports, historical accounts, as well as his own entrance examination results and his experiences as a youth in a sociological system of indicators, in order to portray the collective image of Hungarian Jewish survivors of the Nazi genocide, as well as the trials of their fitting back into society. In separate subchapters, the book discusses the social reception, demography, class relations and (“upward” and “downward”) mobility of the “restarters”, the waves of anti-Semitism after 1945, the mobilising force of Zionism, the extent of emigration, forced assimilation under the Communists, and the possibilities and traps of integration.

  • Print-ISBN-10: 963-917-187-5
  • Page Count: 282
  • Publication Year: 2002
  • Language: Hungarian