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Jelen a múltban, múlt a jelenben
Present in the Past, Past in the Present

Author(s): Mihály Szegedy-Maszák
Subject(s): Theory of Literature
Published by: Pesti Kalligram Könyvkiadó
Keywords: imitation;history novel; Krúdy Gyula; Füst Milán;anecdote;parody;
Summary/Abstract: History novels always have a connection with the present – on the other hand, if novels are about their present, it's unavoidably about their historical and literatural past. Szegedy-Maszák Mihály's newest monograph shows through Füst Milán, Móricz Zsigmond, Krúdy Gyula and Esterházy Péter that without understanding the past, we can't undestrand ourselves, our national tradition. And we can't aviod our histroy. The authos himself show this in a very personal text – his experience about intellectual commumnities' creation and dissolution.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-615-5603-37-2
  • Page Count: 352
  • Publication Year: 2016
  • Language: Hungarian