Philosophical Literature in Bulgarian Language Published in Bulgaria in “the Long XXth Century" (Bibliography, 1878 - 2013) Cover Image
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Философската книжнина на български език, издадена в България през „дългия ХХ век” (Библиография 1878-2013)
Philosophical Literature in Bulgarian Language Published in Bulgaria in “the Long XXth Century" (Bibliography, 1878 - 2013)

Author(s): Dobrin Todorov
Subject(s): Philosophy, Review, Bibliography, General Reference Works, History of Philosophy
Published by: Институт за българска философска култура
Keywords: philosophical culture; bibliography;19th – 20th Centuries;21st century;
Summary/Abstract: Philosophical culture, like any other, has its own intellectual nucleus and a series of material expressions. What is fundamental about this culture is, indisputably, its ideas. To reach the professionals and the general public, these ideas need to find their physical bearer. Their main embodiment is the written work. The respective philosophical culture finds its key representative in the face of specialised written works. Thus, if one is to get to the bottom of a particular philosophical culture, one should necessarily get acquainted with the relevant literature in its glaring examples. In the case of a national philosophical culture, special literature has two manifestations: the original works of the native authors written in the respective native language, and the corpus of translated writings. This book is about the philosophical literature published in Bulgaria after the Liberation of 1878. Its aim is to facilitate the process of rationalising over what has been achieved in the area of philosophy in this country in the past 135 years by offering a review of the specialised printed matter. This publication is thefirst attempt to produce an overall survey of the more significant results of the philosophical quest that has been expressed in individual books. Not only are these books the result of the work of professionals in the national philosophical culture, but they have had considerable impact on it, as well as on the shaping of the public aspect of philosophy among the general readingaudience. The book contains over 4,100 titles (see the Appendix with the information about the philosophical literature published in Bulgarian) but makes no claim to be comprehensive with respect to the whole philosophical literature published in Bulgariaduring “the long 20th century” which included also the late 19th century and the very early 21st century.

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  • Page Count: 354
  • Publication Year: 2014
  • Language: Bulgarian