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Философията като проблем в българската книжнина на ХХ век
Philosophy as a Problem in Bulgarian Literature of XXth century

Author(s): Ventzislav Kulov
Subject(s): Philosophy, History of Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy
Published by: Институт за българска философска култура
Summary/Abstract: The problem-categorical analysis approbated and established in Bulgaria with the support of the late Prof. Michael Buchvarov is used in this monograph that is dedicated to his memory. The first chapter outlines the problem for the essence of philosophy, which historical and philosophical dimensions are subject to this research. Here an important methodological decision of the author emerges - to divide the philosophy in Bulgaria before the Second World War into two types: academic and party, making the explicit reservation that the above made division is only for the needs of this research, but it could have more general application. The second chapter covers the period before the imposition of the communist regime in Bulgaria – the end of XIXth and the first half of XXth century, where the views of academic philosophers I. Georgov K. Krastev, D. Mihalchev S. Kazandjiev A. Iliev D. Penov are analyzed. The views of Mihalchev D. and C. Kazandjiev are specially outlined by the author who expresses the idea that their views of philosophy form a bipolar coordinate system, which allows person to orient generally in the great number of assumptions about philosophy, formed during the first half of the XXth century in Bulgaria.Only the ideas of T. Pavlov, from the representatives of the so called party philosophers, are reviewed in this chapter. The third chapter is about the views of Bulgarian philosophers on the matter what is philosophy during the period of socialism, which is divided by the author in two periods: early socialism – from the beginning of the communist rule in 1947 until the end of the 70’s - and late socialism - from the late 70’s until its collapse of socialism in 1989. During the early socialism the problem for the essence of philosophy is reduced to the problem for the subject of Marxist-Leninist philosophy, the only exception are the views of M . Buchvarov. The reinvention of the problem for the essence of philosophy becomes possible during the late socialism. From the studies of the authors representative for this period the book of L. Sivilov “Philosophy, Philosophers, Philosophizing”is the one brought to notice. The third chapter is devoted to the views of the essense of philosophy, published after the fall of socialism during the so called period of transition, till 2005. Due to the author because of their limited content and undetermined ideological platforms the studies conducted in this period could not be considered significant achievements of Bulgarian philosophical thought.

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  • Page Count: 256
  • Publication Year: 2013
  • Language: Bulgarian