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Персийската война
The Persian War

Author(s): Procopius of Caesarea
Contributor(s): Kiril Galev (Translator)
Subject(s): History, Military history, Middle Ages
Published by: Кирило-Методиевски научен център при Българска академия на науките
Keywords: Belisarious; Justinian; emperor; Great King; wars; Nika
Summary/Abstract: Procopius, born at Caesarea in Palestine late in the 5th century, became a lawyer. In 527 CE he was made legal adviser and secretary of Belisarius, commander against the Persians, and went with Belisarius again in 533 against the Vandals and in 535 against the Ostrogoths. Sometime after 540 he returned to Constantinople. Procopius's History of the Wars in 8 books recounts the Persian Wars of emperors Justinus and Justinian down to 550 (2 books); the Vandalic War and after-events in Africa 532–546 (2 books); the Gothic War against the Ostrogoths in Sicily and Italy 536–552 (3 books); and a sketch of events to 554 (1 book). The whole consists largely of military history, with much information about peoples and places as well, and about special eventс. The first two books–often known as The Persian War (Latin: De Bello Persico)–deal with the conflict between the Romans and Sassanid Persia in Mesopotamia, Syria, Armenia, Lazica, and Iberia (present-day Georgia).It details the campaigns of the Sassanid shah Kavadh I, the 532 'Nika' revolt, the war by Kavadh's successor Khosrau I in 540, his destruction of Antioch and deportation of its inhabitants to Mesopotamia, and the great plague that devastated the empire from 542. The Persian War also covers the early career of Procopius's patron Belisarius in some detail.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-954-9787-49-8
  • Page Count: 183
  • Publication Year: 2022
  • Language: Bulgarian