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History as the Story of Liberty
History as the Story of Liberty

Author(s): Benedetto Croce
Subject(s): History, Philosophy, Comparative history, Philosophy of History
Published by: CEEOL Digital Reproductions / Collections
Keywords: Historiography; Theory of History;
Summary/Abstract: FROM AUTHOR’s FOREWORD: I propose in this volume to take up again the subject of the Theory and History of the Writing of History which I wrote in 1912-13, and which was continued in my History of Italian Historiography in the Nineteenth Century and in several other shorter works. I do not wish to offer this book in replacement of the previous book, but only to add new considerations bom of my further studies and stimulated by new experience of life. In conformity with its origin, this book consists of a series of essays which share an implicit unity in the thought which runs through them all, and to which I have given also an explicit unity by means of the first essay, which serves as an introduction. Any slight repetition or infraction of the order of exposition noticeable now and then is a consequence of the literary form of the essay.

  • Page Count: 334
  • Publication Year: 1955
  • Language: English
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