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L’Anatomie de la Paix
The Anatomy of Peace

Author(s): Emery Reves
Subject(s): History, Post-War period (1950 - 1989)
Published by: CEEOL Digital Reproductions / Collections
Summary/Abstract: In these pages, destined to startle by the very nature of their simply stated truths, Emery Reves analyses the cause of war and the nature of peace. He finds that the only condition in human society that creates war is the unregulated relationship between sovereign social groups; that wars occur wherever and whenever sovereign power units come into contact. How can real peace be achieved? Can a world organisation save us? Can a three-power alliance between the British Commonwealth, the Soviet Union and the United States maintain order? Can UNO open the road toward a peaceful collaboration of nations? Is an international police force the solution? Collective security I Disarmament? Heavy armament? One thing is certain. None of these methods will work. They have all been tried and tried again, and have failed without one single exception to prevent war. Peace will exist, declares the author, only when absolute national sovereignty, which causes anarchy in international relations, gives way to universal legal order—when the relationship between nations is regulated not by treaties but by law.

  • Page Count: 313
  • Publication Year: 1946
  • Language: French
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