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Fragmente zur Ethik
Fragments on Ethics

Author(s): Benedetto Croce
Subject(s): Philosophy, Ethics / Practical Philosophy
Published by: CEEOL Digital Reproductions / Collections
Summary/Abstract: TRANSLATOR’s INTRODUCTION: Croce occasionally remarks that his "Philosophy of Practice" (the third part of his major work) is, hidden for the unadepted, a biographical account - of a very special kind, however, in which the spiritual and conscience struggles of this high spirit are expressed. This seems to me to apply to the present “Fragments on Ethics” to no lesser extent. Behind the inexorable, often almost sober, logical sharpness of these fragments, there is a strong spiritual pathos, thoroughly experienced, not remote from the world and people, and the deep moral feeling of this philosopher, who clearly and definitely defines the autonomy in the practical spirit, in “economic” activity – as he had done regarding the autonomy of the "aesthetic" area. It is precisely because of this that his ethics, purified of foreign components that distort it (like "aesthetics"), become so masculinely strong and deep, far removed from all the aesthetes of yesterday and the hypocritical utilitarianism of today. For this reason, and precisely because we Germans, who not only groan under the brutality but also under the boastful torrent of phrases of our “defeaters”, such a book can become a book of edification and development, I have translated this book of my great friend into German. However, like all of Croce's writings, it requires one thing to the highest degree: thinking along and thinking further. (PUBLISHED BY ALAMTHEA PUBLISHER)

  • Page Count: 302
  • Publication Year: 1923
  • Language: German