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Nacht über Russland
Night over Russia

Author(s): Wera Nikolajewna Figner
Subject(s): History, 19th Century, Pre-WW I & WW I (1900 -1919)
Published by: CEEOL Digital Reproductions / Collections
Keywords: Russian Revolution; October Revolution;
Summary/Abstract: In the first part of this volume I described the emergence and program of the “Land and Freedom” society, the division within the society, the formation of the “People's Will” party, the dramatic history and the downfall of the Executive Committee; in the second part the story of my twenty-year imprisonment in Schluesselburg Fortress. When I was released from Schluesselburg in 1904 to the Peter and Paul Fortress and released soon afterwards, I experienced an extremely violent shock - I could no longer bear ordinary human life. Meanwhile, I had been transported to the Arkhangelsk Governorate, into the most difficult living conditions, in cold and loneliness. My nerves were completely shattered, I had to travel abroad to restore my health; But I didn't get my chance to go abroad until November 1906. My experiences during the first two years of my freedom are described in the third part of this book, “After Schluesselburg”.

  • Page Count: 626
  • Publication Year: 1928
  • Language: German