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L’Émigration Yougoslave (Serbo-Croato-Slovène)
The Yugoslav Emigration (Serbo-Croato-Slovenian)

Author(s): Christa Stamenovitch
Subject(s): Interwar Period (1920 - 1939), Migration Studies
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: migration after WW I;
Summary/Abstract: Digitized copy of the print-edition of 1929/1930 by A. Pedone Editeur in Paris, with a preface by William Oualid (Prof. of Law at the Law Faculty of Paris University) FROM OUALID's PREFACE:Ms Stamenovitch's book is the model of a national monograph on emigration. It would be desirable for similar ones to appear for each of the principal emigrant countries. Each of them has, in fact, its own causes of demographic exodus: distant and deep causes or immediate and superficial causes. Thus, the detailed and detailed table of the internal migrations of the vast movements of men inside what has become the unified Yugoslavia, shows that the movement goes back a long way in history, and the past partly sheds light on the present. But history should not overlook the influence of recent events: the murderous and devastating war, the political aspirations for independence, and economic aspirations for equality; deep reforms such as agrarian reform satisfying immediate demands, but perhaps cutting corners, sacrificing old institutions of human solidarity and social prosperity like the Zadrouga! With the precision of an agronomist, the objectivity of a scientist, the philosophy of a historian and the eclecticism of a politician, Ms Stamenovitch analyzed all aspects of emigration in her country. He did so with the honest patriotism of a man who fought and suffered for the freedom and unity of old Serbia. He also did it with the breadth of view of a man trained in science in our universities, able to consider the human side of major modern questions. There is no doubt that these qualities ensure his book the success it deserves.

  • Page Count: 395
  • Publication Year: 1929
  • Language: French