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Chassidismus und Zaddikismus
Hasidism and Tsaddikism

Author(s): Jacob Itzhak Niemirower
Subject(s): Jewish Thought and Philosophy, History of Religion
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Summary/Abstract: In the characterization of Hasidism, the following moments should be identified and dealt with: First of all, the feeling of religiosity that emerges in Hasidism is to be analyzed and its position in relation to the practical exercise of religion, which occupies a place of honor in Judaism in general and in Hasidism in particular, is to be subjected to a critical examination. This strange mixture of fantastic emotional enthusiasm and practical energy in Hasidism could then be derived from the material and spiritual need which burdened the Hasidic world and in part burdened it and acted as midwife and wet nurse of the Hasidic sect. The products of the religious sentiment on the one hand and the propensity for the practical application of Judaism on the other, as well as the combined results of these two salient characteristics of Hasidic doctrine, are also to be shown in the light of research.

  • Page Count: 166
  • Publication Year: 1913
  • Language: German