Profession or Vocation? The Status Group of Hungarian University Teachers in Cluj-Napoca Cover Image

Szakma vagy hivatás? A kolozsvári magyar egyetemi oktatók státuscsoportja
Profession or Vocation? The Status Group of Hungarian University Teachers in Cluj-Napoca

Author(s): Gyöngyvér Erika Tőkés
Subject(s): Higher Education , Social development, Environmental interactions, Sociology of Education
Published by: Scientia Kiadó
Keywords: social stratification; social mobility; Hungarian university lecturers; social environment; status acquisition;
Summary/Abstract: The subject of the book is the social stratification and mobility of the Hungarian university lecturers from Cluj. In the first chapter, we present the theoretical support which provides the basis of our analysis, in the second chapter we present the social environment in which the researched group may be included while the third chapter refers to the stratification and mobility characteristics of the target group in the mirror of the empirical data obtained from the survey carried out in 2002 and the interviews made in 2005. The Hungarian university lecturers from Cluj form a status group that is part of the Romanian middle class. However, this is not a homogenous group but rather a stratum differentiated according to the analysed stratification dimensions (material situation, consumption habits, the habits concerning the cultural consumption, the position of power, social relationships). Generally, the social changes generated by the change of regime had a favourable influence on the Hungarian university lecturers from Cluj, the group being characterized by a strong ascending social mobility and social reproduction. Regarding the process of status acquisition, personal performances and the structural situation play a more important role than the origin, and the older the person gets, the less important the performance and the origin become.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-973-1970-06-6
  • Page Count: 192
  • Publication Year: 2008
  • Language: Hungarian