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Dramski opus Derviša Sušića
Derviš Sušić's dramatic work

Author(s): Amra KOZLICA
Subject(s): Bosnian Literature, Theory of Literature
Published by: Slavistički komitet BiH
Keywords: Derviš Sušić; Bosnian literature; Slavic literature;
Summary/Abstract: Dervis Susic begins with his literary work in the post-war and ideologically burdened period, which was completely characterized by cultural formal-ism and accurately defined horizon of expectations of the ruling communist system.Thus, everything that is literary produced, but was outside of the imposed and firmly set patterns, was not considered as “a successful” literature, because it did not meet the horizon of expectations and was considered as a sporadic literary phenomenon. Because of this, all the literature outside the solid and firmly set standards was at the level of outsider’s at-tempts of rebellion against the imperatives of sociorealistic poetics.With the establishment of the new communist country, the internal need for a completely new kind of arts and cultural life has occurred, which will not be reserved only for the social elite, but will be ideological opiate of the broad masses. Because of these basic settings of the new literary poetics, apparently it was necessary for the complete simplification of literature to the level of entirely realistic, narrative simplified literature whose basic structural principle was based on the chronological succession of images.Literature had only one, and explicitly clear goal, and that is the agitation through utilitarian-didactically simple and easy acceptable literary forms. In this period of cultural imperatives at the level of an ideological worldview emerges also a writer, Dervis Susic, who since his partisan days has the need to act “positively and socially useful” through the overwhelming desire of the collective consciousness that people have to be taught, to have literacy knowledge and as well for the people to be guided at the ideological right path. Thus, his first literary works were created by desire that his art, above all would be socially useful and used in educational purpose.By this (the partisan favorite genre) memoirs were created, which are not by anything aesthetically different from the same mass literature in time they occur. But what must be pointed out is the fact that after these first‘socially’ useful literary attempts, the process of Susic’s literary adulthood has completed, when he breaks the shackles of firmly set aesthetic but also ethical patterns and transcends the stereotype of sociorealistic utopian ideology in literature and his work and certainly brings his greatest romanesque weapon, and that is satirical introspection which has primarily given birth to his famous hero – Danilo Liscic.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9958-648-21-2
  • Page Count: 271
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Bosnian