Mining terminology in Vareš Cover Image

Rudarska terminologija u Varešu
Mining terminology in Vareš

Author(s): Jasminka Ibrišimović
Subject(s): Morphology, Syntax, Lexis, Sociolinguistics, South Slavic Languages
Published by: Slavistički komitet BiH
Keywords: Vareš; Bosnian language; mining terminology;
Summary/Abstract: Vareš is a small town near Sarajevo, a synonym for a mining town and a hard way to make one’s living. I started the collection and lexicographic processing of mining terminology from the Vareš region with the goal to„save“ from oblivion the phrases which are going out of use, since mining production in Vareš has stopped entirely.The introductory part of the paper is concerned with the relation be-tween lexis and terminology, with the historical background of mining in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Vareš, as well as the influence of the Saxon miners on mining in Vareš. That part of the paper traces the evolution of mining and with it the evolution of mining phrases, during a specific time period. The main part deals with the influence of ijekavskošćakavski dialect (Eastern Bosnian dialect) on the speech of Vareš miners. The descrip-tions are given of specific aspects of mining terminology at the phonetical-phonological, morphological and lexical levels; there were no significant discrepancies observed at the syntactic level.At the phonetical-phonological level there is an observed tendency to reduce two affricate pairs to jus tone, as well as hyperjekavisation, and tendencies contrary to hyperjekavisation, reduction of consonant clusters, assimilation of vocals, omission of assibilation, etc. At the morphological level,most distinctive qualities werefound in nouns; there were no significant peculiarities to be found in adjectives, verbs and other parts of speech. At the lexical level, a great number of synonyms were found among the collected phrases. The evolution of the mining terminology can best be traced precisely at the lexical level. Certain old phrases are also being used with new meanings.A separate part of the paper is a dictionary with 945 entries. All of them have been thematically classified. Based on research, it was concluded that there is a relatively small number of phrases relating exclusively to mining among the phrases described, and that there are many more generally used phrases and phrases which are used both in mining and other economic activities.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9958-648-18-2
  • Page Count: 181
  • Publication Year: 2018
  • Language: Bosnian