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Približavanje jeziku ili približavanje jezika
Approaching language

Author(s): Josip Baotić
Subject(s): Morphology, Syntax, Lexis, Sociolinguistics, South Slavic Languages
Published by: Slavistički komitet BiH
Keywords: Bosnian language; Croatian-Serbian language; idioms; dialect; subdialect;
Summary/Abstract: The book Approaching Language is a selection of articles or parts of articles of the author written during his research and teaching work, and in which,sometimes in a great amount, was reported something new, unknown in the Bosnian-Herzegovinian linguistic science until they appeared, whether we consider language as a structural creation, or if we consider it as a social phenomenon.The introductory text – the interview, In the Defense of the Scientific Approach to Language problems, which gives an insight to the author’s relation toward the facts and questions which he clarifies, is first followed by the articles in which the language structure is explained, in the basis of the organic idioms of the štokavian dialect, but of the standard Croatian-Serbian language as well, its nature and norm before the dissolution on separate standard languages: Bosnian, Montenegrian, Croatian and Serbian,then by the texts with theoretical characteristics, dedicated to the questions of language planning and functioning of the standard language in nationally non-homogeneous communities.The problems of organic idioms are very present in this book. Seven works are dedicated to this issue, five of which are related to the most archaicorganic idiom in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the subdialect of the natives in Bosnian Posavina. The first of them, A Contribution to the Problems of the Posavian Ikavian Dialect in Bosnian Posavina, is important because it completed the gap that remained after the monograph of S. Ivić Today’s Posavian Subdialect.This article precisely determines where the southern border of that subdialectin Bosnia and Herzegovina is, and all the villages with the Croatian population that belong to that subdialect are enumerated. The second paper The Syntax of Case in the Subdialect of the Natives in Bosnian Posavina,is the first work describing our dialects that gives a full description of the syntax of case, as a system of constructions used in one subdialect to state all the case meanings.The third work, The Acute Accent in the Subdialect of the Natives in Bosnian Posavina, is a part of the author’s MA paper The Accent System of Village Kostrča in Bosnian Posavina (Bosnian-Herzegovinian Dialectology Anthology II, 159–234). In this article there is a review of the distribution of the acute accent and the author highlighted the grammatical categories in which S. Ivić in his work A Contribution to the Slavic Accent gave arguments for the presence of the acute, and he also mentioned the categories which hadn’t been explained before. The work Orientalisms in the Subdialect of the Natives in Bosnian Posavina is the introductory fraction of the dictionary with the same title. As an introductory text, it talks about the adaptation of the orientalisms in this subdialect, and it is included to complete the totality about this organic idiom, together with the paper About the Subdialect of the Natives of Bosnian Posavina.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9958-648-10-6
  • Page Count: 432
  • Publication Year: 2012
  • Language: Bosnian