An incongruous attributive in the scientific and administrative style of the Bosnian language Cover Image

Nekongruentni atribut u naučnom i administrativnom stilu bosanskoga jezika
An incongruous attributive in the scientific and administrative style of the Bosnian language

Author(s): Mirela Omerović
Subject(s): Syntax, Lexis, Semantics, South Slavic Languages
Published by: Slavistički komitet BiH
Keywords: Bosnian language; syntax; sematics; scientific writing style; administrative writing style;
Summary/Abstract: The incongruous attributive is an independent sentence element which stands inside the incongruous substantive phrase in the relation of government (managing) or in the relation of joining and that is its main difference from the congruous attributive, which stands in the relation of agreement towards its governing element It represents a syntactic category which is specific by its morpho-syntactic and semantic characteristics and the substantive, adverbial and verbal (infinitive) categories of words can take that role The substantive category of words with the attributive function makes the majority of the examples taken from the corpus (even 98%), while the adverbial category of words (adverbs – 0,95% and numbers 1%) and the verbal category (infinitive – 0,05%) rarely appear with this function. The most common type of the incongruous attributive is the non-prepositional and prepositional genitive (62%), then the locative (15% of the examples),which is mostly accomplished with a prepositional function, just like the accusative (12,5% of the examples) The instrumental (5,5% of the examples) and the dative (3% of the examples) attributives are very rare. The topic of this paper has been the syntactic and semantic analyses of the incongruous substantive phrases in the modern Bosnian language in the scientific and administrative styles and the purposes of this paper are to determine the semantic types of the incongruous attributives in the mentioned corpus according to their morpho-syntactic characteristics, to give a review of the distribution of these structures and determine the frequency of uses of certain types in the scientific and administrative styles in the Bosnian language The semantic types of the identified attributives have the following meanings: the objective and the a gentive meaning, the explicit meaning, the meaning of a possessor of some characteristic Then,there are possessive and qualitative meanings, the partitive meaning, the appropriated meaning, the ablative meaning, the comparative meaning, the meaning of a material content, the meanings of place, time, means, cause,purpose, the instrumental, accompanying-consequential, presenting and agentive-social meanings, the meaning of a criterion, directive meanings,the meaning of taking a relation, the meaning of a receiver, quantitative and quantitative-qualitative meanings.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9958-648-06-9
  • Page Count: 218
  • Publication Year: 2011
  • Language: Bosnian