Historic Revisionism, Hate Speech and Violence Against Serbs in 2020 Cover Image

Historijski revizionizam, govor mržnje i nasilje prema Srbima u 2020.
Historic Revisionism, Hate Speech and Violence Against Serbs in 2020

Author(s): Tihomir Ponoš
Subject(s): Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Government/Political systems, Politics and society, Studies in violence and power, Nationalism Studies, Transformation Period (1990 - 2010), Historical revisionism, Inter-Ethnic Relations, Ethnic Minorities Studies, Politics of History/Memory, Politics and Identity, Peace and Conflict Studies
ISSN: 1849-7314
Published by: Srpsko narodno vijeće, Arhiv Srba u Hrvatskoj
Keywords: Hate Speech and Violence; Serbs as a minority in Croatia; Prohibition policies; victims of war; Cyrillic script in Vukovar; extremism; Denying national minorities' identities;
Summary/Abstract: The parliamentary general election took place on the first Sunday of July. The Independent Democratic Serb Party stood candidates for the election, drawing the public's attention with its campaign, conducted under the slogan “be what you are, respect what you're not” — more specifically, with the three videos it released as part of the campaign. In the first video, waiters are setting up a restaurant terrace to host a wedding; a female waitress posts a sign at the entrance, kindly asking the arrivals not to sing Ustasha songs, as there are Serbs among the invitees. The second video, called “Pupi's to blame for everything” drew most public attention. IDSP president Milorad Pupovac is the protagonist in the self-ironic and witty video, which lays blame for absolutely everything at his feet: from the Nineties war, all the way to planning on micro-chipping the population with Bill Gates and setting up the second wave of coronavirus infections in Croatia. The third video depicts the construction of a small wooden bridge in the Banija region, which made life easier for a Serb family. The video was filmed at the location where a bridge used to exist. The motto of the video is “bridges connect people, fools destroy them — don't be a fool”.

  • Print-ISBN-13: 978-9537442-56-9
  • Page Count: 115
  • Publication Year: 2021
  • Language: English, Croatian