Austria's Struggles with the Ottomans from 1526 to 1537 Cover Image
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Die Kämpfe Oesterreichs mit den Osmanen vom Jahre 1526 bis 1537.
Austria's Struggles with the Ottomans from 1526 to 1537

Author(s): Leopold Kupelwieser
Subject(s): History, 16th Century
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Battle of Mohács; Turkish-Ottoman wars;
Summary/Abstract: Interest in the history of the Turkish wars prompted me to describe in more detail the Turkish incursions into the Austrian hereditary lands which followed the Battle of Mohács in the next few years, and to publish this work of mine with regard to the favorable reception which my »Battles of Hungary with the Ottomans until the Battle of Mohács 152« experienced three years ago. I hope that in this my work I have given a fairly detailed and coherent picture of the events of these years, but I also feel compelled to publish a new edition of the "Battles of Hungary" in which, in order to avoid repetition, the conditions in Austria, insofar as they cannot be separated from those of Hungary, are fully taken into account. (the Author, 1898)

  • Page Count: 113
  • Publication Year: 1898
  • Language: German