The Conflict between the Nationalities and the Constitutional Conflict in Austria Cover Image
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Der Nationalitäten- und Verfassungskonflikt in Österreich
The Conflict between the Nationalities and the Constitutional Conflict in Austria

Author(s): Rudolf Vrba
Subject(s): Politics / Political Sciences, History, 19th Century, Inter-Ethnic Relations
Published by: CEEOL Collections / Digital Reproductions
Keywords: Antisemitism; decay of Habsburg Empire; ethnic conflicts; imperialism; Colonialism;
Summary/Abstract: THE AUTHOR WAS CHARACTERIZED BY A CLEAR ANTI-SEMITIC ATTITUDE. IT IS INTERCONNECTED WITH HIS AUTHORITARIAN BELIEF THAT "MIGHT MAKES LAW" (SEE BELOW – GERMAN WORDING IS USING HERE »VIOLENCE« INSTEAD OF »MIGHT«). IN HIS PREFACE THE AUTHOR WAS WRITING: »Who is now in Austria-Hungary the main bearer of the unfortunate nationality dispute, which threatens to destroy the venerable old Habsburg Empire if disillusionment does not set in? Yes, the question would be solved soon. If the Czecho-Slavs would submit, renounce their language, adopt the German state language; in, in Austria, one would prefer to proceed like the Prussians with the Poles, the Magyars with the Slovaks, Romanians, the English with the Irish, the Italians with the Serbo-Croats and Slovenes — then the dispute would soon be settled, violence before the law. The nationality quarrel could not possibly have assumed such dimensions if Austria were not so richly blessed with the Jewish press, Austria's curse. This wretched press is Austria's greatest misfortune. The evidence is provided by the Palacký celebrations on June 19, 1898, held in Prague.«

  • Page Count: 292
  • Publication Year: 1900
  • Language: German